Tuesday, September 22, 2015

5 Tips to make a BIG Impact in a Room

If you could only change a few things in a room to make the most impact, what would they be? Here are my top 5 changes that will make the most impact in a room. 

#1  In a small room, take a big risk. 

Whether you add color or pattern to the floor, walls or ceiling, this is a way to create drama. 

Add pattern with a horizontal yellow toned stripes in a narrow hall 

#2 Use an unexpected paint color

Punch up the volume with your paint color - Go Bold! 

Interior Design by Bunny Williams 

#3 Add Dimmers

Nothing brings more impact to a room than light. Dimmers on overheads and lamps create perfect moods while enhancing the items in the room that matter. 

Interior by Jean Louis Denoit

#4  Create a Collection

Grouping items of the same color or type create a dymanic visual impact in a room. Plus it is a great conversation piece. 

Love the candlesticks across the top of these bookcases. 

image from Carla Aston

#5 Replace your standard mirror with something more unique

You can use an antique or something more modern. It can be overscale or smaller. 

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff!


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