Monday, December 15, 2014

12 days of Bridget Beari Color Rules

In the Spirit of the Holiday season we are posting the Bridget Beari Color Rules. If you are following on Facebook or Instagram you have seen the first 12. 

Here they are in a list: 

#1 Use Unexpected Color Accents

#2 Temper Hot Colors with Cool Colors

#3 Use Paint to Highlight Architectural Features

#4  View Spaces as Volumes

#5 Make a Statement in the Entry with Color or Pattern

#6 Don't Forget the Power of White

#7 Choose Colors that Flatter

#8 Always Consider the Finish

#9 Take Color Cues from Your Closet

#10 Test Colors on Your Walls Before You Buy

#11 Get in the Mood

#12 Don't Forget to Look Up

Happy Painting ......

If you are in the neighborhood of Palette on Thursday at noon Gary Inman and I will be giving a talk on product development. Come by for a Holiday chat and a free gift! 


bethetenth said...

I love the idea about Color Rules and your list. But I have a suggestion for number 10. I think it is better to paint a large piece of oak tag (2 coats) and hold it up on the wall. You can also move the piece of oak tag around the room and see it in different areas and light. Also, painting lots of small color samples on one wall can get confusing. The colors will play off each other and not show true.
Miriam Stern

Susan Jamieson said...

Great idea! We use paint stir sticks for color samples at the shop.

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Karim Zaki said...

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