Monday, September 1, 2014

Hill and Holler Dinner with Jackson Browne

I've watched different dinners happen over the past year at the "roving Farm Dinner" event called Hill and Holler in Charlottesville. Not a far drive but long enough that it would take something special to get me there. This event was special enough that I pulled the trigger - Dave Mathew's Farm, Bleinheim vineyards, Environmental Working Group for the non-profit, Kyle Bailey from Birch & Barley in DC and none other than Jackson Browne for a private concert! 

We rented a limo and off we went! 

It was an interesting selection of wine, beers and ciders from both Blenheim, King Family vineyards Foggy Ridge ciders. 

Beautiful Tent for a seated dinner of 120.  

The views from the farm were breathtaking - it really showed off how beautiful Virginia is. 

All local farm to table items

The passed butternut squash soup was delightful!

A glimpse of the farm house

Beautiful views!

Working farm and gardens

Here's our chef - Kyle cooking the beef tenderloin. 

The dessert cider was really good! 

The tents were amazing! 

Every dinner sponsors one non-profit group and this one was The Environmental Working Group - helping to clean the environment. The CEO is friends with Jackson Browne from lobbying in DC with him and Bonnie Rait. 

Check out the metal straws ...

We were serenaded by Jackson Browne while we dined on pickled watermelon rind and arugula salad, tomatoes and mozzarella, roasted chicken, pasta with lamb chunks, beef tenderloin, and crushed up poundcake with ricotta for dessert. 

While venturing to the WC we even met Mr. Browne face to face. What a fun event! 

I ended up with only one picture of the food. I guess it was so good we ate it faster than I could photograph. It was family style dining so it was hard it get a single picture of the dish. 

What a great way to end the summer with a special dinner in the beautiful Virginia countryside! 

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