Friday, August 22, 2014

Dining at Hartwood in Tulum

Dinner on the Beach in Tulum

Although it was hard to venture away from Casa Yakunah and the fabulous food from Antonio our chef. One afternoon we went into town for some shopping and then stopped at Hartwood. 

This restaurant is the brain child of 
Eric Werner and partner Mya from New York. I love that they picked up and left the city for Tulum. What a beautiful place! 

The restaurant is an open air style - no traditional kitchen here only wood stoves and prep tables. Look at this sketch May did for the concept: 

sketch from the

Habernero pineapple margaritas, mushroom tart, Pulpo, Whole red Snapper, Mayan Chocolate pudding  and more …..

Wood tables with arbors  - white rock floor on the jungle side of the road. 

I loved the fresh juices! 

Of course ours included alcohol unlike the skinny cute girl at the table next to us who only ordered green drinks. 

Notice the lanterns over the farm tables - buckets of fresh fruits and veggies. Herbs hanging from the ceiling. Swinging intense lanterns to keep the flys away. 

These are the menus ….

The water was delicious too! If we could only find this in the states - Delish! 

Check out the row of spices

                                Our squid salad

Bonefish ceviche

Definitely worth a trip next time you travel to Tulum! Nothing like dining at the beach. 

                     Happy Dining and Traveling .......


laura Madalene said...

This is absolutely perfect! I love a good gallery wall and this is it. Very inspiring.

Susan Jamieson said...

It is lovely and yummy!