Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bridget Beari Color Rule #59

                           Bridget Beari Color Rule

Always Save Paint for Touch ups

There is nothing worse than not having paint when you need to touch up a wall and you have to buy a whole quart that might go bad by the time you need it. Another problem is if you saved the gallon it is all dried up and hard to use. Luckily there are some great products on the market now for touching up paint. Here are few of my favorites: 

1. Woolie Paint Touch up Tool for $9.99

This is for wall use and mimics a small roller. Easy clean up too. 

2. Slobproof Pen set is $9.99

These are a one time use for smaller areas. 

3. Paint Buddy from Rubbermaid - $85.00

This product gives you more control of the paint and the roller is smaller. 

4. A less commercial version  - Dipsy Dabber - $5.99

Great for smaller areas but easy to put a brush in for larger areas too. 

5. You can make your own from the Storage Store for $4.99

I hope everyone noticed on Twitter that the new Modern paint decks of Bridget Beari Colors are now available at the Rue.  Come down to get one or you can purchase online at Bridget Beari Colors

Other exciting news is that Bridget Beari Colors is expanding to the Charlottesville area to a paint store named Palette. It is opening in the early fall. 

TIP:  How do you clean a sisal rug? 

I am always asked this question. Look at this video - I'm going to try this and report back. Has anyone else tried this idea? 

                                    Happy Painting .........


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