Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bridget Beari Color Rule #58

Bridget Beari Color Rule 

                         Get the Proper Supplies

It is always a good idea when you are starting a new paint project to have the proper tools. Knowing the supplies you need will help you create a professional job. Here is my list of necessary items for any paint job: 

Prep of walls and trim: 

1. Putty Knife  - for filing holes

2. Scraper -  for scrapping off any dirt or old paint

3. Sanding block or sandpaper -  for smoothing the surface
4. Drop Cloths
5. Painter's tape - for creating a clean line
6. lint rollers or vacuum - cleaning up lint or debris from sand paper
7. hole filler - spackling to file picture hanging holes or any open hole


1. Stir Sticks

2. Paint Brushes -
        * artist brush
        * 3" brush for outlining and trim
        * 2" brush for sashes on windows
        * angled brush for windows and molding
        * household brush

        * foam brush
        * nylon or latex for water base paints
        * natural brushes for oil paints

3. extension handle for reaching high areas
4. roller and roller handle

        * smoother walls - shorter nap
        * rough walls - longer nap
5. roller tray
6. primer
7. paint 
        * calculate amount needed by adding width of walls, multipy by height, then divide by 350                   (sq. ft. one gallon)
8. plastic wrap for wrapping brushes overnight - place in refrigerator so it will not dry out

Tip: How to remove water rings from furniture

Here is a tip from Homemade Mammas. Just use a hair dryer to heat up the stain and watch it disappear. Add a little olive oil for finishing. 

Happy Painting .......

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