Sunday, May 19, 2013

Greensboro Show House Adamsleigh

One of the highlights of my Highpoint market trip was a visit to the Greensboro Show House, sponsored by Traditional Home magazine. This estate is called "Adamsleigh" built in 1931 by the Adams family of Adams Mills Corporation ( textile and hosiery industry) The architect of this 15,000 sq. ft. house was Luther Lashmit of Winston Salem.

The house is of English Tudor style and very forward thinking for the day - similar to the Biltmore estate in Ashville, NC. A brick structure with castle like turrets.

The inside of the house is very interesting. The architectural details were amazing - plaster ceilings, cake frosting like stucco walls, wood carvings and moldings, hand painted tiles .... and this was what existed not what the designers brought in. 

The designers who were selected for this house were from all over the country - Chicago, NYC, Florida, ATL and NC. I will highlight a few of my favorites: 

The Library by Ann Legette from Greensboro: 

Look at the gorgeous ceiling

The column details in the corners

Miles Redd from NYC 

He painted all the woodwork blue, tons of pattern, colors and objects in this room. The main print was a Dwell studio bird print that is repeated throughout the room. 

Suzanne Kasler den from Atlanta

I loved the geometric rug

The sunroom by Branshaw Orrell Interiors and Randy McManus

Loved the addition of the trellis to the stucco walls

The Eric Cohler of NYC - Sun Porch
                                                      Loved the geometric patterned rug

Cool ceiling design and lights

I saw this table from Pearson at market. It looks great in his room. 

I also loved the way he hung the art from the ceiling. 

Here is the cake frosting stucco walls in the foyer and staircase by India Miller of Highpoint. 

The Prohibition room was super cool - cold and eery and at the same time classic from Circa Interiors of Charlotte. 

The turret - 

Beautiful existing gates to the second floor

Second floor bedroom - Thomas & Warren Interiors of Durham NC

Adding the panels to make room for modern bed sizes. There was a lot of drapery in this home. 

His Dressing Room by Lisa Mende and Traci Zeller of Charlotte

green flat braid with nailheads around the room

architectural wallaper with monogram valance

Her Bedroom by Robert Brown from Atlanta 

classic Clarence House fabric - more paneled walls behind the bed

I loved the objects on the desk

One of my favorite rooms was Guest room by Megan Winter of Thomas & Gray from Chicago

I loved the vintage lights, the art, the black and white scheme, the sepia maps within the frames

The covers for the champagne bottles - I need those! 

Loved the details - that light !

The Scalamandre zebra room by Jack Fhillips of West Palm Beach

Look at the original tiles in the bathroom

The daughter's room by Kara Cox of Greenboro was interesting. All of the wave plaster work existed - the deco gold detail on the doors were incredible too. 

                                                     Beautiful door handle details -

                         My all time favorite was Jeffery Muse's Chicago dining room -

                                               look at this gorgeous plaster work ceiling

                        He embraced the older details but made the room super modern and elegant!
                               2 tables, 2 lights, grasscloth wallpaper added between the panels

Loved this piece! 

The was interesting because they kept the old cabinets. I thought they did a great job styling the room and it was very interesting to see what it originally looked like. 

Leslie Moore of Highpoint did the back patio room and kitchen. Great pops of color! 


And last but not least Mapcap Cottage who we followed around by accident at the Highpoint. I promise we weren't stalking. 

A very vintage look by John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon of NYC

A couple of shots of the outside before we say goodbye to this beautiful home. It is definitely a dream of mine to own an historic home like this - maybe one day with fingers crossed! 

I am off to NYC this week so more traveling for me this month. Check back to see what is happening at ICFF, Kips Bay etc. 

Happy Traveling ......


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