Saturday, April 27, 2013

Highlights from Highpoint Market Spring 2013

Melissa and I made a whirlwind trip to Highpoint this week. I usually go on the weekends but with hosting the DC Designer House each weekend that nicks that idea. I do like going at the end of market - less people and the sales people are more laid back. Here are my highlights: 

NOIR Furniture: 
                                 Love this Octagon metal bookcase!

Cool bead and metal light fixture

These linens from Dransfield and Ross were beautiful - you know how I love my linens! 

Palecek provided a great lunch one day and I loved their petrified wood table tops. They remind me of the $40K one I wanted for the designer house of course I couldn't afford that one. 

Placing a huge order at Hickory Chair was another highlight - Kristen is the best rep! 
Here's Melissa trying out the sectional for a client. 

Just when we thought we were tired I saw the Bolier sign. What a beautiful showroom! I love their pieces. We could have stayed their all day. I have a whole living room scheme done in their sofas and chairs.  I hope that it will come to fruition. 

Surya for cocktails and some beautiful pillows. Some entertainment too with a very tipsy client at the bar. 

The second day started with the beautiful showroom from Verellen. Gorg metallic linens, super sleek sofas and chairs. It was the perfect find for the Florida beach house! 

I even loved their cards - they look like mine!

                                   Next door to Verellen was a one of kind Bali antique store. Beautiful hand crafted pieces from tables, doors, chairs, accessories and more...

Oly is always a good stop! 

           and down the street to Julian Chichester - loved this side chair! 

A few antique shops along the way - loved the shadow box with the white tortoise shells! 

Design Legacy's stand alone building - accents of giant orange shovels were an eye popping detail. 

              Golden Oldies is always good for some unique finds - look at these beautiful shutters. 


 for some intriguing lights.

Loved this island with the zinc top. 

CFC  - again some unique bookcase ideas. 

Although I missed their talk - Woodson & Rummerfield ( I was bummed but I didn't leave enough time for everything )
I was able to see their showroom designs at Stanley Furniure. What clever ideas and all for under $500. 

And last but not least I met up with my favorite "New Trad" designer from Charleston - Ginger Brewton at Lee Industries. 

It was a sucessful market but on the way home we stopped at the Greensboro Show House. What a treat! Tune in this coming week for a look at this 1930's show house. I complete contrast to the DC Design House.  

Happy Shopping .....


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