Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Food Apps!

I love going to new restaurants but I never really know if I'll like it and sometimes I am disappointed only because it is not what I personally like. I get stuck going to the 3 same restaurants over and over because I know I like the food. 

 I am also such a mess when it comes to food - 

90% vegetarian but I'll eat some meat if it is over the top good and I eat fish both raw and cooked, 

70% raw but I'll eat some cooked veggies, 

60% gluten free but I love some really good bread,

80% sugar free but again if it is good I'll break,

90% dairy free - no milk only almond milk

So I was thrilled to find these new apps! I think they will help me be more adventurous in my restaurant visiting.  

1. or Ness


 This app gives you food recommendations similar to Pandora. The more you use it the better it gets. It is based on what you like not the general consensus.They also have fun videos of food, restaurants and prep.

                  Love this video about coffee!  

                                         2. Meal Snap 

This app lets you take picture of your meal and it magically tells you what ingredients are in it and how many calories. 

This is also a great way to remember the presentation of the food in case you want to recreate it at home. 

                                    Until next time ....

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