Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bridget Beari Color Rule #57

                Bridget Beari Color Rule 


                  Don't be Gender Specific with colors

Don't be afraid to use colors that would typically be considered as masculine or feminine in an opposing way. See here how the navy walls look crisp and clean with accents of pink. Not at all masculine. 


   Inka Dinka No.42 from Bridget Beari Classic Colors is a great navy to pair with pinks. 

                                                        Bridget Beari Colors

                        Or even in girl's room as an accent wall - a beautiful contrast. 

                    Pink and Navy bedroom updates

Pink is not just for babies and little girls. I love a pink wall in a sophisticated living room. The pink paired with the taupe draperies is stunning. 


                    In the Bridget Beari Classic color line try French Fry Potato No.9

                                                               Bridget Beari Colors

Here the designer has taken a masculine color like grey and through contrast with white has created a very luxurious and feminine bedroom. 

                                                              photo from Architectural Digest

Tip: Eliminate Brush strokes with Penetrol

               What a great tip from Centsational Girl Blog!  Penetrol is an additive that extends the drying time of the paint and lends itself to a more glossy finish. This is only used with oil paints. Flotrol is the product for latex paints. 


                   Happy Painting ........

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