Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Adventure Begins......

This year marks the beginning of my LABB Adventure! If you read my post at the beginning  of the year you know that I will be doing 50 new things for the next 2 years to mark by 50th Birthday in August of 2015. 

I was lucky enough to be invited by Brizo faucets to New York this past week for a few days of learning and enjoying. It was a ball! I met new friends and saw some old friends but what was most exciting was that I did 3 things I have never done before! 

Many thanks to Brizo for some new adventures. Number 1 being making pasta! 
Although I do my fair amount of cooking or non-cooking when I'm eating raw, this was the first time I have ever made pasta. Here is TEAM BRIDGET as we were known! 


This was a cooking experience at Sur La Table in NYC with the whole Blogger 19 group. So much fun! Here is the pasta coming out of the press! Our team rocked it! 

We also made risotto.  Doesn't it look delish! 

Number 2 was attending New York Fashion Week with tickets to the Jason Wu show! I have blogged before about the collaboration of Brizo ( Delta's high end faucet brand) and Jason Wu the fashion designer. This time I heard all the details on how and why the collaboration happened. Cannon, Jason's friend and stylist recommended him to Brizo for his design sense and the rest is history. 

Judd the leading designer talked a lot about the marriage of their two aesthetics. The design team at Brizo is very passionate about their designs and they showed us what inspires their choices. Not only do they create high styled faucets but they also use the latest in technology  with their touch-less on/off capabilities. Brilliant!

I really enjoyed the presentations. We were also allowed a sneak peak at the brand new models and asked for comments. It was very interesting to hear how different designers in different age brackets and regions responded to the faucets. 

Here is my fabulous invitation to the fashion show. A beautiful hand tied with leather invitation! 

Our group at the show! Notice the huge chandelier down near the floor level. The show was in an old church - no pews and a metallic glass floor for the models to walk in a square! Notice I am in the hat.

Cameras galore! 

Celebrity sitings even in the blizzard ......

Isabelle Fuhrman

Stepahnie Seymour, the new face of Jason Wu with Jaime King and Allison Williams. 

And then the show starts  ... 12 minutes of WOW! 

Lots of leather and fur.  I loved this coat! 

The hair style was very graphic too. Styled by Odile GIlbert. 

                          Pops of red and blue color but mostly black, white and grey! pants with long skirts attached to the back. It was a ball I loved it. 

I love this quote from Harper's Bazaar. Did I mention the cocktail party after the fashion show with Cannon the stylist, models and friends in a penthouse - Whoo Hoo! 

Kelly StuartBackNext

”I’m drawn to the idea of mixing something sporty with something elegant and quite grandiose.” — Jason Wu

Read more: Jason Wu Interview - Jason Wu Spring 2012 Fashion Week Photos - Harper's BAZAAR 

It was a fabulous few days! Again Thank you Brizo! 

I stayed an extra day in NYC due to the snowstorm and was able to add in one other thing I have never done before. So.... 

A trip to the Bergdorf Goodman BG Cafe designed by Kelly Wearstler. 

I have been to almost all of her commercial spaces and hotel. I haven't made it to Anguilla yet but that is on the list. They are always a treat to see. 

The cafe design was classic with a funky edge. I loved it! 

These dome wing chairs look over Central Park. 

I loved the highlighted graphic moldings. Notice the grand nest light in the ceiling - looks similar to my DC Design house one! 

Mixture of gold and black with Gracie wallpaper blues and greens. Interesting combo between the 3 spaces. 

We went for lunch but I would love to go back for tea sometime! 

                      Not inexpensive - mushroom soup and a bloody but very good! 

Here's the start of LABB adventures 3 of 50 complete! 

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Happy Adventures.....

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