Sunday, February 24, 2013

Are There Design Rules?

I've always wondered how people critique designs. Even in design school the worst projects ( the ones that clearly were thrown together overnight) can receive the greatest praise from people only because there is some aspect that appeals to them - a color or a shape.  

I don't believe there are any real rules in design. If someone mixes plaids and stripes in a brilliant way then kudos! I think design is all about creating something unique in a space that complements or completely juxtaposes the architecture of the room. Safe is always boring without some element that intrigues you. 

But what is design without challenging yourself as a designer? Who can really judge you and tell you a design is wrong? Whether you are 20 or 70 does it really matter? 

Don't get me wrong - everyone can have an opinion but don't you want to see something different not just a pretty room?  

I love a renegade! 

If someone tells me it can't be done then I'm all about it!  Who told Duchamp he couldn't make art out of a toilet? or Warhol and his soup cans? 

Sometimes things might work and sometimes not but if they do work - you know everyone will be copying your design. Imitation is the best form of flattery. 

 Can't people use their brains to question ideas before squashing the vision! Are they that high and mighty? Who gave them the power to be the professor of all design? 

Did someone tell Kelly Wearstler that lines and checker boards don't go together? 

or lines on the ceiling can't be different patterns than ones on the floor? 

                                                            or you can't mix patterns? 

They properly did. So I say " Here's to all the designers that stood up for their design concept and broke free from the rule makers! "

They may try to change us but they will never out shine us!  

Shine on ........

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Unknown said...

Nice unique design, obviously making own rules.