Sunday, January 20, 2013

Styling is the Key!

Do you want to know the secret to a beautiful room?  Well - I believe it is good styling.  I am not saying that proportion and scale aren't important but a boring room can be brought to life with the right styling. 

I am writing about this now because I am deep in the throws of designing my room for the 2013 DC Design House. This house is a $14 million new construction house on famed Foxhall Road just outside of Georgetown. 

Bridget Beari has been picked to do the............

 Master Bedroom

Whoo Hoo! I'm thrilled to be a part of this group. What an honor! I love meeting new designers and partnering with new suppliers. We have some great ones for this room! I'll announce all of that information soon but as I finalize all the details I began to realize how much I love styling and how important it is. 

Here are some great inspiration photos and tips for styling: 

 Similar colors for impact. 

Pretty in green.

A monochromatic look

styling with creams and neutrals
Grant Gibson

A collection can create a bold statement

Roosevelt Pottery and books....
Paul Costello Photography

A single contrasting color

                     gray velvet sofa
                                                                Summer Thornton

                                      A layering effect of different objects of interest

                       Beautiful & classic

A themed collection as shown here with the tortoise and ox sculptures. I love the tortoise shell! They are all the rage down in the ATL at Scott's Antique Mart. I even bought a few to bring back to RIC and sold them right away.  

                                                                        Bunny Williams

The way I work for styling is picking up accessories and pieces all the time from auctions, antique malls, markets, traveling, or ordering from suppliers. I never know what I will need. I have been known to pick up tin ceiling tiles for wall hanging, planters for magazine racks etc. If I love the shape, color or size I'll buy it. How about you? How do you find those key styling pieces? 

The DC Design House opens April 13th so I hope you will come out and see me. I'll try to be there every weekend and maybe one day a week. It should be a ball! 

On the office front - I am busy interviewing candidates for the design/office assistant job. I've met some great people. Some I already knew. In the next few weeks I should have a new BBD employee to introduce to you. A new start to a new year with a new face. It is an exciting time! 

                                                     Until next time......

                                            Happy Styling! 



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