Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 New Year's Resolutions

My 2013 New Year's Resolutions: 

Well this year started off terribly. My office manager of 9 years passed away suddenly at her home over New Years. It was a complete shock and I still can't believe she is gone - an empty desk and a lonely office. 

All the plans we had for a bright new year now seem so less important and daunting to do alone without Jayne. I will miss her. 


These past few years have been filled with losses - parents, dogs, friends.

 It made me think about my own life and if it was my time would I be satisfied with my own life. So instead of the regular resolutions for 2013, I've decide to create the: 

Life's a Banquet Bitch Adventure! 

Remember in Auntie Mamie when she says: 

Well that is what I am going to do! 

For the next 2 years until my 50th birthday ( I'm 48 this year in August ), I will do 50 things that I have never done before. 

I already have a list of 35 things so if you would like to contribute some ideas I'd love to hear from you. Now remember I'm not flying airplanes or bungie jumping.They  range from: 

1. growing my own orchids
2. seeing the Grand Canyon
3. re-reading 3 classic novels
4. taking a ballroom dance class

I want to live life and not let it pass me by. 

I want to experience things with my friends and family that will be memorable and amazing. I'm not going to put off doing things just because I can't make the time. I'm making time! 

This also applies to work. I want to be more creative in my designs. Really take the time to create something WOW! I've already planned that for my Spring DC Designer House room. If I'm the only designer from RIC then I am going to knock it out of the park!    

I want to take advantage of every opportunity given to me and create my own! The Bridget Beari products are forever expanding as we introduce the Metallic paints, Exotic and Modern lines, fabrics and wallpapers! 

So I am ready for 2013 - Bring it On! 

 I know all of my friends and family that I have lost over the past few years would agree. There is no time to waller in  sadness just create joy! 

I will number the LBB adventures so you can keep up with me. Don't forget to give suggestions! The grand finale will be a big trip to Europe especially Capri! That is one place I've never been. 

So come follow me for my 50 for 50 "LBB" adventure! 

Wish me Luck! 

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