Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bridget Beari Makes Chalkboard Paint


the dark grey house.  At first I worried this was a chalkboard but it's actually just a great color paint.  I don't usually go for dark but this works!

               Bridget Beari Makes Chalkboard Paint! 

Who knew making chalkboard paint was so easy. I found plenty of recipes for it on the internet and Pinterest. Here is my official formula:

photo from CSI project

                             1 Cup of any color latex paint 
                  1 TBSP of non sanded tile grout 

                  Mix together so there are no lumps. 

                              That's it! 
                  Pick your surface. Prep and prime as
                  necessary. Use a roller for a smoother 
                  surface. Dry between coats. I 
                  recommend at least 2 coats. After the 
                  surface is thoroughly dry. Prime it by 
                  taking a piece of chalk and using it
                  sideways rub a light coat on the whole  
                  surface then erase with a dry cloth. 

                         Be creative! 


                                                    Photo from Sweet-studio-Sweet.com

                 studio. could get the basic IKEA upper cabinet & chalkboard paint. see Martha Stewart's tutorial about making any paint color into chalkboard paint.
                                                               Photo from lilsugar.com

                 Custom Color Chalkboard Paint - Martha Stewart Organizing Crafts  Make your own chalkboard paint...the mind reels at the possibilities.
                                                   Photo from Martha Stewart

thin mints chalkboard message
                                        Photo from Centsational Girl Blog

                  You may see some Bridget Beari Color chalkpaint bottled and ready to go at the Rue soon so keep checking back! Wouldn't you love to see Trixie No. 22 as a chalkboard paint!


Also available at the Rue for the Holidays are these Bridget Beari Candles wrapped and ready to go. Great for Hostess gifts or that discerning someone on your list. Who could resist Quince and Rose! 

Happy Painting ......


Eddie Ross said...

What a fast and easy recipe. Great post.
Hope all is well.

E + J

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

Thanks Eddie! I've been enjoying your instagram photos!