Saturday, October 27, 2012


Colors from the Designer House! 

People keep asking what were the exact colors used at the Designer House and where? So here is the list: 

All paints are from my new paint color line from Fine Paints of Europe

The finished used and the type of paint was Hollandac Brilliant for all colors! 

Snowball No.2 was used for the trim, ceiling and walls - sprayed in the brilliant high gloss

Truffle No.69 was used for the floor pattern and in the agate

Bolcha No. M15 was in the agate

Beauregard No. M22 was in the floor and the inside trim of the windows

Pickle No. 37 was the bookcase

Baron Boy No. M35 was the handrail and newell post

I am so glad you are all still asking questions about the space even though the Showhouse is over. Thanks for your enthusiasm. Be on the look out for the launch of BBD Metallics coming next month! 

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