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RIchmond Symphony Designer House 2012

2012 RIchmond Symphony Designer House

Well, it has been 20 years since Bridget Beari has done a Designer House and September will mark the 20th year BBD has been in business so I decided "why not do something different" that I had not done in a long time to promote the Bridget Beari Colors: I'll do a room at the 2012 Designer House. 

When I first received the request the address did not seem appealing, only because I really like older homes and this neighborhood is fairly new. I went on the first viewing and I was so surprised to see one of the house that I have always driven by with envy. I have a couple of clients in that area and have seen the house. I could not wait to get inside. 

Here is a photo of Pinifer Park, built in 1910 by Edwin Laird as a summer retreat from their Richmond Park Ave. home. 

     Here is the Colonial Revival style home as it stands today with its Queen Anne styling even a little Bavarian Hunt lodge styling in the grand foyer. Unfortunately the house is in   
                                       disrepair as it had been used as a rental home.  

Here is a video from Richmond Magazine on the history of the home:

Here is a picture of the grand foyer. Interesting interior for a Virginia farm house - 2 story interior with an almost Arts and Crafts fireplace. Can you imagine the parties? 

I did not choose one of the main spaces. I really wanted a room with no furniture. This was going to be all about the paints, wall treatments and fabrics. You were asked to pick 3 spaces. I chose 2 staircases, and the music alcove in the second floor. I was asked to design the back staircase which of course was the most involved space and really my favorite.

Here is a sneak peek of the before pictures of my hallway: 

Wait until you see this door again!

The beadboard will be gone! 

I am always inspired by other designers I admire and their spaces in the Kips Bay Showhouse in NYC. I really want this space to be unlike anything you would expect in Richmond. When I go to a Designer House I want to see things that inspire me and are creative not just a pretty room. My hallway will showcase all that Bridget Beari Colors and Fine Paints of Europe products can do in terms of finishes, techniques and striking elegance. 

I hope you will come see it in October! I'll be teasing you with products and renderings for the month of August until the big reveal!!

Happy Painting ......

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