Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #52

Bridget Beari Color Rule: 

Using Yellow As A Neutral. 

Yellow seems a natural choice for a neutral since it can be as pale as a cream but not all yellows are created equal when you are trying to create that neutral backdrop. Yellow is one color that plays tricks on your eye.  It can easily reflect the colors or materials around it 

My general rule is the dirtier the yellow the better it is with brighter colors like red or pink as shown here in this back foyer. 

                                              Interior design by Steven Gambrell

                  The more lemony yellows contrast well with blacks and cooler tones like greens        and blues. Even tone on tones yellows can work well with these lemony tones but be aware of the undertones in yellows. Try to keep away from mixing green yellows with lemon ones and red yellows with cooler yellows. 

                                                             Photo from BHG
                                 Lighter yellows work well with stronger yellow accents. 

                                                                  photo from Decor pad

                            Vibrant yellows need an anchor like black to hold them down. In general if you are using a strong tone just use that one yellow. By doing this you can make a bold statement. 

photo from Elle Decor

Here are some of the brand new colors from Bridget Beari Colors - the Exotic Collection! 

Tipperary E38, Bally Hoo E40, Mille E41, Lo Mein E42, Monsieur Bobo E43, Nefertiti E44, Fluff Pot E45, Topsy E46, and Sadie E47

These are all pet names from clients and friends! If you have another fun pet name don't forget to send it in. We are naming our new wallpapers and fabrics now! Email us at

Tip: Here is the ultimate laundry accessory. Forget those metal and wooden folding racks. Try the Asko Drying Cupboard. This energy efficient cupboard creates a gentle heat that dries all delicates in under 2 hours and eliminates the need for ironing. How brilliant! 

photo from Elle Decor

Happy Painting ......


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