Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bridget Beari Travels to Marseille!

Bridget Beari Travels to Marseille France! 

I am preparing for my big trip to France next January so of course I am doing research on cool places to stay and things to do. 

I came across this cool hotel Au Vieux Panier that turns the tables on decor. Instead of using a designer for the rooms, this hotel uses different artists to create art in each of the 5 rooms. This not only makes the rooms completely unique but celebrates art as an experience not just art hanging on a wall. 

                  I love the breakfast bar with the juice and granola hanging on the wall. 

The XVIIth century building was formerly a Corsican grocery shop and has now turned into a well rated cool B&B. 

Here is a glimpse of the 5 rooms: 

#1   Fusion by Phillippe Baudelocque

  #2  Purgatory Palace by Mass Confusion

#3 Panic Room by Tilt, a renowned graffiti artist from Toulouse

#4 Matthias Olmeta

#5 Ciel by Mourad Messoubeur

#6 Land of the Moon by Eugenie Bergeon

                             This will be an awesome place to check out this winter!!!

                              Happy Painting ........


Linda Pakravan said...

Sounds wonderful! I'll be looking forward to your posts on your trip.

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

Isn't that graffiti room cool? I don't know if I could handle it but the concept is awesome!

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