Saturday, May 12, 2012

Favorite Quotes?


                         What's your favorite quote? 

                 I have so many favorite quotes: inspirational, work related, goal related, style, friendship, love .......  but yesterday really felt like this quote: 


  Normal - LOL

                We have so many things going on at Bridget Beari that sometimes it is hard to keep on track. I have to remind myself: 

To the chick that always sparkle!

and keep moving forward with my goals .I've added another member to the Bridget Beari team, a real marketing/pr firm. I am excited about discovering new goals and directions and having another option on my strategies! 

   I heard on the radio yesterday an Irish preacher say
 ( and yes what was I doing listening to Irish gospel talk radio?) "If you want to stand out in a crowd, make sure your in the right crowd"  I think this is one of our first exercises - who does Bridget Beari appeal to? Interior design professionals, DIY, Home Improvement.... It is exciting to see what comes out of our exercises. What is our crowd? 

Have a Great Mother's Day Weekend!   

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