Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bridget Beari Picks - McKinnon & Harris

Bridget Beari Picks - McKinnon & Harris outdoor furniture

I had the pleasure last week of visiting one of Richmond's local furniture makers, McKinnon & Harris. It was a treat because we were taken not only into the showroom but into the warehouse. We saw exactly how the furniture is made from order to shipping! 

What a great and impressive space! 

I loved the way the furniture hangs on the conveyor belt to go through the sprayer. It looked like furniture floating in the air. 

They have beautiful designs for all types of outdoor furniture! 

The attention to detail is incredible. Heavy weight chairs - beautifully crafted. 

Even the cushions are made on site. 

I am so excited to be using the furniture in a new project! 

Happy Shopping .....

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