Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #22

Bridget Beari Color Rule

Make a Statement in the Entry

If there is one place to take a chance with color it would be the entry. Doors are smaller than walls so you can choose a bold color without much risk. Easy to repaint if you get tired of it. 

Check out these beautiful doors: 

A charming country home. 

Bing Bong No. 28

A bold modern accent

Bella No. 41

A classic grey! 

Mugsy No. 60

A whole combination of colors - rustic country

Aspen No. 19

Big Boy Blue No. 50

If you are adventurous, you can use the color on the foyer walls. The colors you choose will make a statement for the whole house.

Photo by Nils Eisfield

Jetta No. 21

Maddy Tingy No. 46

Or something more classic like this golden yellow. 

Squash No. 29

Tip: Try this home deodorizer with lemon, rosemary and vanilla. Find the recipe at One More Moore blog. It will make your home smell fabulous! 

Morgan Moore

Happy Painting .....

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