Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #14

Bridget Beari Color Rule: 


Take A Clue from Nature

Not only can you love the color of a flower or a landscape but the natural combinations of colors in nature can be real inspiration. 

Check out the colors in these anemones - gorgeous white, navy or deep purple, light green and chartreuse.

Try the selected colors from Bridget Beari Colors

Oinkaniny No. 36                           Puddytat No. 38

Inka Dinka No. 42

Here is a room that combines the navy and white with hints of pink instead of green. 

Here is a beautiful collection of fungus. The colors are gorgeous. It really shows you what colors are dominate and how the other are complementary. Just the right amount of contrast. 

                         Puddytat No. 38                   Inka Dinka No. 42                Water Bowl No.47


              Hobo No. 56                      Shakin Jakin No. 24

Here is a room from Miles Reed that has a similar color combination. Nature is always a great place to start for some great color inspiration!  

Sidebar: Hobo is the cat of a grey cat that we found abandoned in a neighborhood. Joe took it home to join his pack. I named it Aspen but Marlon his son changed it to Hobo. 

Tip: Paint edges of a room first then fill in the center.

Happy Painting......

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