Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bridget Beari Q&A - How to create a high gloss door?

We received our first emailed question for our new series: 

Bridget Beari Q&A's

Our first question comes from Connie in Ohio. 


I've read your blog and love your BBD Colors. I really want to know how to achieve that shiny finish on my front door. What is the secret? 

Thanks for the question Connie. It just so happens we painted my front door recently for a photo shoot. We wanted that shiny finish and this is how we achieved it. 

Step 1: Fine Paints of Europe has a product called Swedish Putty. This is key! Apply this product over the whole door. Let it dry and sand lightly. It provides the smooth undercoat so the finish can shine like glass. 

Here is the swedish putty applied to the door. 

Step 2: prime with Fine Paints of Europe primer. 

Step 3: Use the Fine Paints of Europe product called Hollandac Brillant. This is the paint that gives you that shine without out multiple coat process of other paints. It is an oil product. 

Step 4: It took 2 coats of the Hollandac. Really only 1 with a touch up coat. 

Step 5: Choose a BBD Color

We choose No. 43 Beebop

Here is the door in process.....

Here is the final product. An almost mirror finish to the door. NICE!!!

Taking photos was even hard due to the reflection. It really is the only paint that will give you this finish!!  Try it out. 

Thanks so much Connie for your question. If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask. Send your email to: Bridget Beari email


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