Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resolutions 2012

This is my motto for 2012! 

My resolutions this year are about 25% personal and 75% Bridget Beari. I am ready to start this year off with a bang even though the loss of both my parents this year has been hard. Nothing like being an orphan in your 40's. Enough of that... I clearly have some mediating to do on this topic! 

Here are my resolutions: 

1. work on Lulabelle's skin: She is a rescue dog and although I have had Sharpei's in the past ( Beari and Baron) Lulabelle has the most sensitive skin. I have changed her diet to completely corn, wheat free and no meat only salmon but I have decide to start her on a new holistic program! She still has some hot spots that I would like to get rid of. Since she is the spokes dog of Bridget Beari Colors, she better look her best. She has photo shoots people! 

2. I am back on my raw diet.  January - June is my goal but I would like to continue to eat this way forever. I have done this before and felt the best I have ever felt. It did not hurt to lose weight too. 15 lbs. would be nice. It has been 7 days so far and I already feel better. 

I love my new found websites for helping keep it creative. 

3. Brush up on my high school and college French and Italian. I really need to learn Spanish because of the Mexico interior jobs but I have so many years of the other 2 under my belt I don't want to lose it. I am also pre -planning for a trip to Paris in 2013 and I just put my name in the hat for BlogTour 2012 in London/Paris or Milan. What good timing! 

4. Now we turn to Bridget Beari: The first change will be to the blog. 

New features including: 

Bridget Beari Friends. Showcasing all the wonderful people I meet in the design world. Our first feature was 1 week ago where we introduced you to, Ginger Brewton. Ginger Brewton Interiors

 Bridget Beari's Back Room: a place to view some great bargains. It was such a hit as a post. I decide to add it permanently.  Back Room post. 

Bridget Beari Cooks or Uncooks: follow my raw and vegan recipes. I'll introduce you to all the cool raw people, the Vitamixer, the dehydrator and the juicer! 

Bridget Beari Picks: finding the coolest products and letting you in on the deals! 

Bridget Beari Chats: You've been asking for it and I'm bringing it back! Q & A's are back! 

Bridget Beari Travels: Where she goes nobody knows but you'll be right there with me. Hippest restaurants, relaxing hotel rooms, luxurious bathrooms, and more. 

Bridget Beari Tips: Cleaning and organizational tips. Plus monthly calendars on garden and household chores. My friends have been asking for this one like " how often to you change your air filters or the baking soda in your refrigerator" I'll give you all the answers to keep your house running smoothly. 

 Bridget Beari Show: follow us on Vimeo at the Bridget Beari Show where we will be doing at least 2 video a month on a variety of topics. 

5. Complete the BOOK!!  Finally pick a publisher and get it out. It is a great complement to the paint line so I would like it to be out soon. Photography set up starts next week so we are off an running! We are not sure on the title so that is still a surprise even to me but I will let you know. 

6. Meet with the wallpaper manufacturer to discuss taking my patterns and turning them into wallpapers! A Bridget Beari exclusive product as of now.  Again another complement for the paint line! 

Some of the designs lend themselves to fabrics so I have been to talks with some manufacturers about producing those as well but as a branded product. 

I'm going for it this year as you can tell. Katie bar the door! 

7. Marketing the Paint Line: 

- partnering with another major retailer - talks in the works
- adding a sales representative to get the product out to stores and designers faster
- new label for the cans
- making a video ad
- selling the paint online
- BBD Colors and FPE to sponsor some major design events
- getting on the talk circuit as a speaker on color. I did 2 talks on color last year with tons of success so more are on the books for this year. I hope to have the book out and a retailer to sponsor it. It will be a real book tour! If anyone is interested in sponsoring please contact us. 
- keep pushing on press for Bridget Beari Colors ( Virginia Living magazine article just came out this month and 2 blogs!  ) 

8. Keep coming up with funky press ideas for Bridget Beari Colors. We have one coming up that is sort of on the same line with Farrow & Ball's wallpapering of a brownstone. Watch for it!  It should be outrageous! 

9. I have already submitted 3 houses for publication but my favorite house in Richmond is finally ready for photography and it is a good one! Definitely worthy of Arch. Digest or Elle Decor status! 

And let's not forget ol' Mexico house!  It should be ready this year too! 

10. And finally, I would love to increase my twitter following! So if you are not a follower please add me. 

I want at least 3000 fans by the end of the year! 

Whew!!   I have a lot to do for 2012!  


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