Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Calling all Animal Lovers!

I am asking all my readers who are pet lovers to lend me a hand. I need more pet names, dogs, cats, or horses for my wallpaper line and another paint line. I had many comments about pets I omitted on the last paint chart so now is your chance to have a paint color or wallpaper named after your little friend. 

All you have to do is leave a comment with your pets name and send a photo to

I also need a one word description of your pet so I can match colors and personalities. 

We will announce the winners in February as well as create a scrapbook with pictures of the animals with their color! 

You can send a photo of you and your pet if you'd like. 

Don't delay!  It should be a fun! 

An always remember to......


The Entertaining House said...

We've always had Kerry Blue terriers... their names have been Limerick, Shamrock, Tipperary and Ballyhoo!

Unknown said...

My chow-golden retriever mix, Vincent, is affectionately known as my blond bombshell. Such a great dog and such a pretty color!

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

I need about 50 names so keep them coming