Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bridget Beari Travels to NYC!

My long weekend trip to see clients in NYC turned into a food extravaganza! We hit the jackpot on some old tried and true restaurants and some new finds. It snowed Saturday so we were not sure we wanted to brave the weather to go outside the hotel but we are so glad we did.

We have tried before to get into Babbo's with no luck but this time we were lucky and it was worth the wait. 

located at 110 Waverly Place

This is a Mario Batali restaurant. Below is the review from Gourmet! 

Here is his cookbook and he also has one just of the restaurant dishes.

The line was 20 deep when we got there but my fast as lightening husband grabbed us the last seats at the bar. It was standing room only all night. 

I felt like Rachael Zoe ( she went there for her anniversary in one of her episodes) and next time we come to NYC we will make reservations weeks in advance. 

Can you see our cute bartender/waiter George in the back? So knowledgeable and fun! He made great recommendations all night: ( and yes I blew the raw diet for this one!)

The bar was actually a fun place to eat. 

We started with the calamari even though I really wanted the octopus. The spicy calamari was wonderful very puttanesca like. You can see my glass of red wine in the back. 

Followed by Pumpkin Ravioli, rapine with garlic, red snapper followed by the chocolate hazelnut cake. We were so excited the photos stopped and the eating continued. I'll try to be better next time with the pictures. 

Another find was this Camomile infused Grappa - wonderful with the dessert. We are trying to find this Virginia - it may be a challenge. 

Made by infusing chamomile blossoms in Nebbiolo grappa. Its calming qualities also aid digestion. A delectable digestivo created from a traditional recipe of the Langhe region.

If you have the chance to try Babbo's jump at it. It was that good. 

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