Sunday, November 27, 2011

The talk around the dinner table!

Ever wonder what people talk about around the Thanksgiving dinner table? Well, this Thanksgiving the topic was " Ballroom Jeans" which my mother in-law thought were about dancing not literally room in men's jeans. The marketing for these jeans is genius, retro and clever!

       How could you forget the slogan "Flexible jeans so you can crouch without the ouch!"

       I didn't really know this was a problem for men but what do I know about men's private issues.  So after a very involved conversation and many iphone googles, the dinner table could at least agree that the marketing is brilliant! Maybe Bridget Beari Colors needs a funny slogan: "colors that really stick to the wall" ?? Naaa!  I'd better stick to my design job and leave the slogans to the pr people.


Debby said...

Funny, the silly slogans always seem to be the ones we remember, huh? Maybe they are on to something. Thanks for stopping by Inspired! I'm off to check out your paint line. xo

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

Thanks for checking out the blog and the paint line!

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