Sunday, November 20, 2011

Color Personality Quiz

My talk on the Bridget Beari Color Rules at the Rhome event was a roaring success! The audience was thrilled and that has fueled my enthusiasm for finishing my book on Color. The only thing I did not include in this talk was the Color Personality Quiz. Many in the audience were interested in taking this so I promised I would add it to the blog this week. Thanks to Renovation Style for the inspiration for this quiz.

                                                           What Color are you?

Question #1: What room in your house is in need of a makeover?
                A. Kitchen
                B. Bathroom
                C. Living Room
                D. Bedroom
                E. All of the Above

Question #2: What is your favorite comfort food?

                A. Mac and cheese
                B. Fried Chicken
                C. Ice Cream
                D. Soup and crusty bread
                E. anything delivery

Question  #3: What season makes you the happiest?

                A. Spring
                B. Fall
                C. Winter
                D. Summer
                E. All year

Question #4: What is you guilty pleasure?

                A. flipping through magazines
                B. Facebook and Twittering
                C. Watching Reality TV
                D. Singing in the Shower
                E. Window Shopping

Question #5: What type of shoe best describes you?

                A. ballet flat - small and delicate
                B. Cowboy Boot - tough ass kicker
                C. loafer - classic
                D. tennis shoe - comfy and worn in
                E. Stiletto  - sexy and wild

Question #6: Favorite past time activity?

                A. Watching You Tube
                B. Exercising
                C. Gardening
                D. Hot baths
                E. Reading magazines

Question #7: Favorite Trip Destination?

                A. Africa - safari
                B. Italy - cooking classes
                C. England - history
                D. Mexico - Surf Camp
                E. any Beach- lounging

Question #8: If unexpected guests call to say they are coming in 2 days do you....?

                A. freak out and get nothing done
                B. get the house ready before doing anything else
                C. forget about it until 2 hours before they arrive
                D. No worries the house is always ready
                E. Thrilled - start cleaning and set up as you feel like it

If you answered with more A's:   Your color is " Red"

               - you love springtime but you are intense with a fun side
               - comfort and homey is your design style
               - mix red with tan for warmth and white for contrast
              -  remember that red is a great accent color

No. 23 Max-a-Million

Bridget Beari Designs - interior design

If you answered with more B's: Your Color is "Orange"

              - you have a fiery fun side
              - you love food
              - mix orange with muted browns for a more natural look
             -  pair with greens and lighter corals for warm look
             - balance hot colors with cool colors

No. 20 Dukey Pukey

Mona Ross Berman - interior design

If you answered with more C's: Your Color is "Blue/Green"

            - you love nature and have a cool edge
            - you pick items that have a timeless nature
            - pair with pastels for a soft palette
            - mix with rich tones for a punch

No. 45 Bellagio Blue

No. Maddy Tingy

Mona Ross Berman - interior design

If you answered with more D's: Your Color is "Gray"

           - sophisticated and serene
           - you love a neutral palatte
           - you like adventure too
           - can go muted for a softer look or pair with jewel tones for a luxurious look

No. 32 Newman

Kitchen from Traditional Home Magazine

If you answered with more E's: Your Color is " Yellow"

           - fun, bohemian vibe
           - whimsical side
           - pair with oranges and citron for a warm look
           - pair with white and gray for graphic look

No. 29 Squash

                                                     Bridget Beari Designs  - interior design

Now that you know your color personality look around your own home and see if that color is represented. If not, you may want to start incorporating that color into your interiors. Have fun with color by experimenting with the BBD Color Rules and conquering your fear of color!


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