Thursday, September 15, 2011

House Beautiful Article

I was honored to see I was included in the October issue of House Beautiful. I attended Kravet's Design Fest in NYC back in May and they asked us " What is the one thing in your home that makes you the happiest?" 

To my surprise there I was #1. There are so many reasons to be happy at my house. It was my favorite house when I rescued it from 80's decor. I love my antiques that I so carefully picked or inherited from my mother but the one thing that makes me happiest is my animals - 3 dogs and 3 cats to be exact. All are rescue animals. 

When I received a call about a Sharpei that needed rescuing I was concerned about what I would find. To my shock she had no fur but her fun loving personality was there so I took her on the spot. A change of diet and she was almost back to normal, although she still has sensitive skin issues. 

She is so funny and every day she and her brothers and sisters make me laugh. These photos are from a photo shoot with Amanda Jones. Lulabelle is such a camera hog! How could you not love that face? 

She is so memorable that she will soon be the star of the Bridget Beari Paint color line! 

Thanks to House Beautiful for including me in this list. 

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