Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bridget Beari Colors Store Display

Joe and I worked yesterday on the first store display for Bridget Beari Colors. This is the Richmond store 

 The Rue on Grove Ave. 

My display is on the opposite side of the Fine Paints of Europe display. 

This is the wall in the store before we started. The wall is painted my color: 

Joe's Java

This is Joe working on my painterly stripes to show off 5 of my colors: 

Mr. B

Here is the work in progress. We only had 1 big accident that day when the ladder slid down this angled wall with Joe on it and smashed into the opposite wall - Opps!  I was suppose to be holding the ladder. 

The things Joe does for Bridget Beari! Black and blue for the cause. 

Photos of jobs I've done in my colors. 

The blank spot is for the big BBD Color poster of me and Lulabelle. It is on the way. 
You can see the hole in the wall from the ladder on the left side. 

A few more accessories to come for the table - the fan decks, signature candles, super cute dog beds etc. 

Notice the old fashion paint brushes in the paint cans. They are hand made and someone already made a comment about them from the poster. 

2 more weeks until the first 100 fan decks are here. The launch party is November 11th. I hope you all can come to party at the Rue and say "Hi! "  Even Lulabelle will be there. 

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