Friday, July 22, 2011

Paint Color #3 and #4

I lost a week of paint colors due to being sick for a week. So I am introducing 2:  Paint Color #3 Goose Muffin and Paint Color #4 Bubble.

Goose Muffin is named after my Shar-pei, Lulabelle. I have nicknames for all my dogs and cats. Here she is: my funny girl, my goose muffin!

I love whites so here we are again with another white. Unlike the last 2  - snowball, my pure white and wagging white, my off white. 

Goose Muffin is like a glass of milk  - white but with a creamer base. 

I love it mixed with black. A great contrast!

Check out this wallpaper from Fromental

Bubble is my office manager's Pomeranian. This is the perfect shade of soft pink - very subtle. I have a living room done in this color but no photos yet!  

It would be great with this Serena Lily headboard: 

Or pair with navy accents!  Check these out on Etsy from the Pink Pagoda 

I hope you are enjoying this series 76 weeks of color!  The proof of the fan deck should be here in 2 weeks!  Yeah! 

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