Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paint Color #2

The 76 days of BBD colors is turning into 76 weeks. I am becoming too busy to do 1 a day so I'll change that to 1 a week. Thank you to all the support from my clients and friends and the overwhelming response to the colors!  I am glad you like them as much as I do. 

Introducing #2 Snowball: 

This is my whitest of whites. This color is my staple trim color. I love all white in sheets, flowers, towels, flowers, cars, ipod, and interiors!  

It was surprising difficult to achieve that white white that Ralph Lauren does so well. As white as a crisp new shirt - 

A modern conference table, 

a white pebble or feather,

White sheets, 

A white rose, 

Light fixtures from Circa, 

White bookcases, 

White tile from Ann Sacks, 

Or a white room from Bridget Beari - bookcases, trim, and chairs

I know snowball will be a big hit. It took a while to create but I love it!  

Don't forget to get on the waiting list for a fan deck. They are going fast!

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