Sunday, July 3, 2011

76 days of colors!

As an introduction to Bridget Beari Colors, due out in the fall, I will reveal each of the 76 colors in a weekly series called " 76 days of BBD Colors! 

It will be a sneak peak of my fan deck from Fine Paints of Europe. My collaboration with them has been wonderful and I am grateful that they were willing to pick up by colors to be showcased as a part of their paint line. With so many colors on the market, you might ask do we really need more? The answer is yes! I can never find just the right color even with all the choices out there and I have at least 20 paint decks in my office from all sorts of vendors. 

The Bridget Beari Colors are the tried and true colors that I have worked with and customized over the years. The subtle differences in color from what is already out there will make them the colors to use! 

So here they are: 

The first color is Wagging White!

Wagging White is one of the 30 original colors. I love whites and the subtly of whites is very important to my design work. There are 4 whites in the new collection. Wagging White is not a pure white but a very subtle cream color. 

It looks great with a crisp white trim for contrast.

 It can also be used a trim color or cabinet color when you want a white but not as clear. 

If you are interested in a paint deck, I can put you on the waiting list. Just email your name and information to:

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