Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Day Trip to Faquier County

 Yesterday I went on a day trip to Facquier County in northern Virginia about 1 1/2 hours from Richmond. If you follow me on twitter then you got the play by play. This road trip took me into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Piedmont region of Virginia. It is beautiful country!

Our first stop was in Warrenton Virginia at the Red Truck Bakery. I first heard of them from a New York Times article and I have been following them on facebook.

The Red Truck Bakery is the creation of Brian Noves and it does not disappoint. Even on my raw diet I was easily tempted to cheat and cheat I did! 

One of my favorite discoveries is Brian Noyes, the owner of the Red Truck Bakery in Virginia, who has a deft hand with pastries and an unerring sense of flavor balance.” --Marian Burros
~ The New York Times   

I love the remake of an old garage into a bakery. I have seen that done before for a restaurant and I love the idea. Of course there is a red truck! 

Everything looked delicious from the lemon chess pie, bourbon pie, horse cookies, apple pie, sconces and more!

If you can't travel to Warrenton then Red Truck will ship to you. Check out their online store! Local resident Robert Duval is a fan. 

They have other products too: honey, granola, jams, and nuts. I couldn't leave without purchasing some local honey. 

Ok so I cheated but here it is!  Excellent coffee and a orange, cranberry, walnut muffin. As Rachael Zoe would say "I die!"

Look at the inside - big chucks of walnuts. Just the right sweetness and flavor!

After my coffee break we headed on to The Plains, Virginia for the big Gold Cup Horse Race. It was a horse day for all with the Kentucky Derby on the same day. 

I've been to horse races before in Richmond at the Strawberry Hills Race. Usually it is party fever and you rarely see a horse. At this race it was easy to see horses from many vantage points. 

This is Member Hill  - love the view!

There was tons of fashion to see - hats and outfits!  Stacy and Clinton would have a field day on what not to wear. I saw - spanks showing, dresses that were too tight, odd hats, nice hats, and high heels in dirt. The drunker the girls in high heels became the funnier it was. I was working my hat, blazer and boots - very Ralph Lauren.

This was the corporate tent - decorated for the best tent contest. 

I wonder who Don is? This is the worst part about outdoor events. 

Winner's Circle

A Scottish bagpipe parade!

Terrier Races!

The first horse I saw of the day.

The horses going out to the field. 

And off they go!

It was steeplechase so hard to see when they are on the other side of the field. 6 races in all. I did not pick the winners - lost my bets! 

 After leaving the races we stopped in Warrenton for something different - Cuban and Spanish cuisine. A late Cinco de Mayo celebration.

I love tapas because you don't have to order so much food. We tried the grilled calamari - very good. 

I had broccoli and black beans - excellent and of course a Mango Mojitos. One of the best I have ever had even better than Puerto Rico. As you can see there was not much left when I decide to take a picture. 

After dinner we hurried back to Richmond so we could watch the Kentucky Derby on the Telly of course. It was a horsey day!


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