Friday, April 8, 2011

What's a Dry Bar?

A Dry Bar is the latest thing in hair salons. This California franchise has trimmed the excess from hair salons. If you want a wash and a blow dry this is the place, only $35.00 too. 

I recently visited the salon in West Hollywood twice in one week. It was fast and the stylists were great. The decor is not too shabby either - white with pops of yellow! 

Check out the hair dryer chandelier. 

Quilted wall - I wonder who did the interior? Anyone know? 

It is a great idea for a party!  

There are 5 signature styles on the Drybar menu. 
1. Straight Up- the signature blow-out 
2. Mai Tai- messy and beachy 
3. Southern- lots of volume 
4. Cosmopolitan- loose curls 
5. Manhattan- sleek and smooth

But they will pretty much do whatever you want. 

The only bad thing is they are still in California. One just opened in Scottsdale. Supposedly coming to DC and NYC soon. Any one want to open a franchise? 

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