Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Favorite Barbara Barry House

There is no one like Barbara Barry. I have loved her work since I was just getting started in this business.
Her style is elegant and sophisticated. Her use of neutrals is unrivaled - just brilliant!  

This is one of my favorite houses in L.A. It was featured in Metropolitan Home. Simple yet very exacting. 

The gold and green palette. Love the paneled walls, 50's coffee table, Robert Kuo Drum Stool, 1929 Bibendum chair by Eileen Gray

A custom table with vintage Robsjohn Gibbings chairs.

1950's vintage brass chandelier by Gino Sarfatti, Charles Eames chairs, and a custom Corian top table.

Love the wool floor to ceiling draperies!  

The follow is a list from Traditional Home of Barbara's inspirations: 

 Look for Barbara's designs at Wedgewood, Macy's linens, china, flatware, Kallista and more!


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