Monday, July 12, 2010

My life on the D-list?

I was asked to judge the Miss Teen Richmond pageant this weekend. I felt like Kathy Griffin but this pageant did not involve the scary made up girls just girls with a whole lot of personality. The pageant was divided into 4 groups: Jr. Pre Teen 6-9, Pre Teen 10-12, Jr. Teen 13-15, and Teen 16-19. There was the first long day of interview questions: Who are your role models? What would you do if you won a million dollars? The answers were everything from "World Peace" to Beyonce. I think I was the only judge who knew what the young lady meant when she described Kimora Lee Simmons clothing like as fat - I knew she meant "PHAT" Come on people!

The second day was the pageant itself - causal and formal wear and more questions! The key is to nail the last question with personality or a great confident response. Some did and some did not! Not to mention that some girls needed a bra with their dress and an open back dress with tattoos doesn't quite fit either.

Over all the girls did a great job and I had tons of fun! My Msiamo dress was a hit again. I seem to always get compliments on that dress. Check out the side braid - I was going for something very "In Style Magazine" so I would look hip.

Here I am with Sherma, our fitness trainer judge. The judges ranged from a Raiders cheerleader, cake maker, radio host, dancer instructors, to a counselor.  It was a long 2 days but we all had a great time! Good luck to the winners as they now travel to Orlando for a national pageant.

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