Friday, April 10, 2009

One Gamey Game Room

When designing this game room, the client had many requests: a game area, movie area, pool table, wine room, bar, and gallery space. I think we were able to get all of those requirements into this space with relative ease. We added a little funk to the space by including a broken mirror backsplash, opaque strips on the wine room doors, horizontal faux finished stripes in the theater room and a two color cork floor.

The theater room is raised and the privacy curtain allows for a cozier feeling when watching movies.

The niches add a great place for displaying items. They give a graphic element to the wall.

I like putting the glass tile all the way up the wall between the cabinets. It gives the space more drama and the glass reflects well with the mirror.

It ended up as a great space to have parties as well as cozy up with the family! Another successful Bridget Beari Design!


The Doctor's Wife said...

You are amazing. I absolutely LOVE your work. I can't figure out how I've never heard of you until now! I found your blog on the Shades of Light Website. I'm a Richmond native now living in Roanoke. My parents still live in Richmond. My stepmom's best friend is Betsy Moore, also a designer in Richmond. I'd love to meet you sometime! (and have you take a look at my kitchen!)

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

Thanks for the great comments!

Kelly at Kitchen Sync said...

That's lovely, Susan!

I particularly love the curtained theatre area, and the tile and glass shelf treatment between the wall cabinets. :)

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