Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shopping at the Big Box Stores

This is one of favorite living room's and it is all done on a budget! When starting a project like this one, it is necessary to choose items that will last from one house to the next, give a lot of punch in terms of style, and look like they cost a bundle.

Can you guess which items are the budget items?

1. lamps from Target @ $29.99 each
2. candlesticks from West Elm starting at $10.00

1. pillows from World Market @ $5.99 each

1. end tables and lamps from Target online @ $125.00 each
2. sconce with candle from Linens and Things $29.99
3. Fern prints and sofa from Crate and Barrel

1. tortoise urns from West Elm @ $25.00
2. curly willow from Pier I @ $15.00 for the bunch

Now, not everything is done on the cheap. For instance the S. Harris sheer for the draperies, the leather bound wool rug, and the mahogany coffee table are just a few of the piece we decided to spend our money on. By combining the less expensive items with the more expensive items it creates a well designed room for any client.

This client is moving to a new home soon. I'll show you in the next few months how we saved money by using the existing furniture and accessories. I was able to create a similar look without having to buy all new furniture.


Gururaj said...

Furnitures are in perfect tune with the sorroundings
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Red River Interiors: said...

It's great to use pieces that look good and have a great price tag. Love the candle sticks from Target

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

Thanks for the comment. I thought you could hardly notice unless I told you they were from Target.

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