Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hair Color

Ok - we are having a debate over at the Habitually Chic blog. Everyone wanted to know how to get hair color like Jennifer Aniston's. I told them Michael Canale of Canale salons in L.A. does her color. Chris McMillian of L.A. cuts her hair. How do I know? Well - I go to her colorist in D.C. Michael flys to NYC for one week a month, D.C. for one week a month and the rest in L.A. I have been seeing him for 8 years. I found him through In Style magazine.

For some reason no one believes me. I told them the price was $280 for color. Someone said that was too cheap?! If I lived in NYC I would go to him no questions asked. There is no one else who can do color like he does. Why not have the best? It is not even hard to make an appointment. One of the clients from D.C. actually sat next to Jennifer in the L.A. salon. She gets her hair done at the salon like everyone else!

If the non- believers over at Habitually Chic won't take million dollar advise, I'll give it to my readers. Call him up - it is worth every penny!

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