Saturday, November 24, 2007


I love reading blogs from others and discovering sources for items. My lastest find is from Cote de Texas and these beautiful rugs.

Suzani's are handmade embroidery panels sewn together to make a rug or heavy cloth. The word Suzani comes from the Uzbek language which means "embroidery with a needle" and the Persian word "suzan" which means needle.

Suzani's have become very popular for use as bedcoverings and rugs. The rugs are started as a part of the dowery for a girl when she is born. They are the only accessible way the women have to express their moods, feelings and fantasy therefore creating items that are full of emotional saturation. The best place to buy and see more suzani's is Antiquarian Textiles on Ebay.

100% silk - hand embroidered " jeweller work"

Suzani from Nurata

The ways others use the suzani's in their decor:

Michael Smith apartment ( photo from Cote de Texas blog)

Cote De Texas blog photo

There are many ways you could use these beautiful panels as wall hangings, table cloths, ottoman covers, bedcovers, etc. Be creative with your finds!

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