Monday, August 13, 2007

How to use orange?

People often ask for colorful rooms. I love to use color but find that painting the walls a strong color does not always give me the look I want. A strong color like orange is better used in accents like draperies or chair covers. The warm vibrant feeling of orange makes the room feel cozy and inviting. The copper faux painted ceiling helps to create a more intimate space. When you think of orange you think of citrus but pairing the orange with coppers, chartreuse and browns tones changes that Miami citrus look.

The texture of the sisal rug, the faux painted vines, ceiling and cabinet work, the orange and chartreuse striped drapery panels, chartreuse geometric pattern on the chair seats create a balanced room. The orange color is prominant but not overpowering. When using strong bold colors in your home, think of the drama and impact those colors will have on the room. Do you want shock and awe or warm and inviting? Sometimes shock and awe is fabulous in a restaurant or hotel. Kelly Whearstler's Maison 140 hotel in Los Angeles has blood orange hotel walls. The sheer funky factor is great!

Color can inspire and delight. Don't be afraid to try the stronger hues like orange.

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