Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kitchen Makeover

Before Shot:

The dark cherry cabinets and the blue pearl granite countertops from the previous owner’s remodel were uninspiring. Except for its spaciousness the kitchen appeared ripe for demo. It did not take long for my creative juices to kick in and come up with enough ideas to totally transform this kitchen into something exciting and beautiful without changing the cabinets or countertops.

After Shot:
The creamy yellow distressed faux finish brightened the kitchen and dramatically changed the look of the cabinets without having to replace them. The faux finish was especially helpful in highlighting the detailed moldings that were added to the new design.

Adding moldings to the existing cabinets at the top, bottom, and/ or sides can create a totally custom look with generic cabinets.

Enclosing the existing refrigerator with built-in panels and fluted casing and the arch over the corner sink to bridge the two sets of cabinets were the most difficult part of the design to transform into reality.

Furniture feet are strategically located in the toe kick area of the base cabinets.

Built-in display cabinet for the client’s pewter collection.

A bench for added seating and storage.

Tumbled marble tile backsplash running to the ceiling around the windows for a dramatic effect accented by the recess can lighting. The checkerboard pattern with the quad 5/8” dots creates a one of a kind interesting background to the cabinets.

I hope you find this to be an interesting introduction to the Bridget Beari LOOK, especially the creative and clever ways you can integrate what is existing into an entirely new look without having to demo.


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