Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Bridget Beari Color Rule #9 - Take Clues from Your Closet

Bridget Beari Color Rule:

Take your Color Cues from Your Closet

Sometimes the easiest way to find your personal style is to look at the clothes you wear. This will tell you what colors appeal to you and how accessorized or simple your tastes are. 

For example, the picture below shows a girl in a Bohemian blousey shirt with multiple bracelets and necklaces. She also drives an orange VW Beetle. 

Below is a room that might appeal to her. Bright colors, patterns and bold shapes. It could also be very eclectic from places she has traveled. It is her look and her style. 

Good Bridget Beari Colors for this look would be: 

Trixie No. 22

Bing Bong No. 28

My own personal closet is more classic. I have mostly gray, white, black and some khaki. I feel more comfortable in these colors and around these colors therefore my house has similar colors. I love neutral but interesting textures. 

This foyer would represent the classic fashion color schemes. 

If you watch It's a Brad Brad World. You will notice that Brad Goreski- loves himself some plaid, color, and a bow tie. He is a mix of old and new but still classic and clean.  

His look might translate into a room like this: 

A classic look with pops of color behind the bookcase and traditional leather with modern detailing.

Try Bridget Beari Colors: 

Bababooey No.25

Rambo No 44

Sidebar: Trixie was a horse from my childhood horseback riding camp. We did a cowboy and indian play on horseback. I was an Indian and rode Trixie bareback  in full costume as we chased the cowboys. I was about 10. 

Bing Bong is the nickname of my cat BIng. We call her Bing Bong because she is so silly. 

Bababooey is the nickname Joe the BBD contractor gave my Sharpei Lulabelle. He is a big Howard Stern fan and Bababooey is one of the characters on the show. 

Rambo is the name of my neighbors wired hair dachsund. He rides on a Harley, dresses for Halloween, and is very vocal. We call him " the Man." Big like Rambo!!

Tip: Tone is how Intense, Bright or Dull a color is. 

If you are interested in a Bridget Beari Fan deck, they are available on line: 

Happy Painting.......

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