Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Bridget Beari Color Rule #8 - Always Consider the Finish

                                     Bridget Beari Color Rule #8


                                      Always consider the finish

After you have decided on a color, it is very important to remember that the finish or sheen of the paint will change its look. In general these are your choices: 

High Gloss or Brilliant





Fine Paints of Europe makes the best brilliant finish similar to that of a gloss lacquered finish. This finish can be very reflective and manipulate the light differently than a flat finish. 

Tory Burch Foyer from Pinterest

As a general rule I paint all walls eggshell (because I like a sheen on the paint), semi-gloss on the trim and cabinetry and flat on the ceilings. I have been changing it up a bit now that I'm part of the FPE family. I love a gloss ceiling or a high gloss front door! 

To achieve that green wall, try Bridget Beari Color

Pickle No. 37

Furniture can also be given that lacquer look. It is great as an accent because it will really stand out in the room. This look is easy to achieve with the FPE Hollandac Brilliant. 

Photo from Pinterest

Shakin Jakin No.24 is a great coral! 

Farrow & Ball makes an interesting flat paint. It is actually their specialty - a dead flat paint, almost caulky. It is extremely interesting the way the light reacts to this paint. Even their estate emulsion can change tones between the different walls in a room. 

Sidebar: Pickle is the name of my office manager's terrier dog. He was actually a client's dog and he barked too much so Jayne adopted him. Very cute but high maintenance! 

Shakin Jakin is the name of the dog next door to Joe named Jake. Poor Jake doesn't get much attention from his owners and lives outside most of the time but Joe sneaks him treats when he can.

Tip: Always stir your paint. It makes the color more uniform. 

Happy Painting.......

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