Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Bridget Beari Color Rule #4 - View Spaces As Volumes


   View Spaces as Volumes

Trim does not need to be painted white to stand out. Here a taupe purple color against these gold walls draws your eye right to the architectural trim and doors. By painting the ceiling and walls the same color, the ceiling becomes higher and the space becomes viewed as a volume. 

Photo credit: Traditional Home

Similar Bridget Beari Colors are Mr. B No. 17 

Bingle No. 71

Sidebar:  Bellagio Blue is named after a horse of one of my employees. 

                 Mr. B is named after my dog Baron. Since he is the biggest boy and my only boy, we call him Big Boy or Mr. B. He is half Sharpei and half pit bull. We took him from a guy who had brought this tiny puppy down to Virginia from NYC for his girlfriend. She did not want him. He saw us walking my dog Beari the Sharpei and asked if we would take him. Of Course!!!  He did tell us he was a Sharpei but as he grew we began to see the pit.  We named him after the guy Baron Hunter. 

 Bingle is my cat. She is grey, peach and white. Her real name is Bing but her nickname is Bingle among others. She was another stray that came into our lives. 

Tip:  The Golden Ratio is 1 to 1.62

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