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Hue Are You? with Justin Shaulis

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A weekly blog series exploring different creatives' views on color and its use in interiors, art and design. We will dive deep into their obsessions with color. How and why they use color. You will get to know their stories and you may even gather some tips for using color in your own home. What is better than learning from the experts!


Hue Are You? 

Designer Spotlight: Justin Shaulis

Our guest today is New York City interior designer, Justin Shaulis. Justin has over 15 years experience in both architecture and interior design. In 2002 he created his firm as a "studio environment utilizing holistic design methodologies based on context and quality of life in realizing Emotive design." Justin is best known for his work from New York to London as well as his hosting role on HGTV's "House Rules." He most recently was named the brand ambassador for Howard Elliott, a furniture and accessory company. Let's hear his views on color: 

Susan Jamieson:  What one color represents your design style? 

Justin Shaulis: I consider myself a contextualist so I really work to draw from my clients the colors that excite them. 

SJ: Do you use color as a dominant role in your designs or as an accent? 

JS: I use color as an accent. I believe pending season, mood and/or place in life that colors affect you differently. 

SJ: How do you feel about matching colors in a room? 

JS: I believe any space should be well composed with the colors complimenting/ matching and coordinating. 


                                             - JUSTIN SHAULIS

SJ: What color represents your personality? 

JS: Blue ... It's a complex tone that can be deep or surface rich. Blue can also border towards green or violet and a chameleon quality depending on the ambient lighting. Blue is also the color of my eyes. 

SJ: What color comes to mind when you talk about: 

Your favorite City ....... Granite.. New York City- my home with all of the stone, brick and pavement. 

The House You Grew Up In ......... Green... The house I spent my formative years in was a one story brick home with wide overhangs set in a field dotted with trees with a centuries old maple tree and spring at its base anchoring the property. 

Last Fabulous Dinner You Had ........ White.. The table linens at Printworks during the High Point Spring Market for all of the great conversations we had. 

Your favorite Flower ....... Red-Orange... The Poppy. From bud to seed pod and the bloom in between, you don't know its hidden depths until the entire flowering cycle finishes. 

Your favorite season ...... Emerald...Spring is my favorite season for all of the reasons of rebrith, new beginnings etc. 

Your Favorite Art ...... Blue... From Australian artist Greg Wilson, I have a painting from his wave series, but this one is set at night with heavy impasto and the stars and moon glinting on the surfaces of a tremendous frothy wave. 

Your Favorite Room in Your Home ..... Rich Brown.. The table - whether it is in the kitchen, dining room, or living room. It's home base for gatherings, talking, and sharing ideas. 

Your Favorite Beauty product .... White... Dermalogica's Dyanmic Skin Recovery with SPF 50 is a great way to start the day. 


                                                 - JUSTIN SHAULIS

Your Favorite Article of Clothing ...... Melon.. A perfectly comfortable cashmere sweater for all seasons. 

SJ: Name a color you never use? 

JS: I haven't met a color I did not like and I think each hue on the spectrum has its place. 

SJ: Name a color you use frequently? 

JS: Gray... I use gray as a neutral for a lot of my work as it can be cool, warm, modern and traditional. 

SJ: If you could pick a name for a color what would it be? 

JS: Mauve ... Blue and red mixed together creating a delicate grayish violet hue. I would rename "Mauve" as it conjures many negative connotations. Perhaps I could co-op "Blue Girl" to describe this hue from the hybrid tea rose. 

SJ: Do you have a pet? What color reminds you of him/her? Do you have a nickname for this pet? 

JS: I have two Shih Tzus - Norma and Neil AKA Normal and Neilson. Norma is white and cream and Neil is white and brindle. 

SJ: What is the Now Neutral? 

JS: Taupe ... I believe Gray is fading but Brown and Black seem too common leading the way for Taupe to have a resurgence as it sits on the fence of all three tones. 

SJ: What is your prediction for the next big color trend? 

JS: Yellow ... It's the color of optimism and boots self-esteem and confidence. 

SJ: What are the best color combinations? 

JS: The best color combinations are the ones that support the client's lifestyle. 

SJ: Best advice when it comes to picking paint colors? 

JS: The key to picking the best paint colors for anyone is looking through your wardrobe and picking out those three pieces - one that makes you feel sexy, one that makes you feel comfy and one that makes you feel powerful. Whatever colors these are, they should be the first key to your color palette. 



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