Friday, May 5, 2017

Bridget Beari Trends at Highpoint Spring Market

Highpoint Furniture Market is the place to spot the trends in the furniture industry for the next year. I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Highpoint after our Atlanta showhouse room opening which I will be posting next. 

Here are a few of the trends I found: 

1. SHAPES - round, hexagon, triangles. Geometric shapes for pillows and furniture are big. 

           Hickory Chair's plum sofa, another big color

Verellen's ottomans

Highland House - triangular tables ( Again that plum fuchsia color ) 

2. SCANDINAVIAN INFLUENCE - texture, organic, handcrafted

Amazing hide rugs from Verellen and Sabine

Wood walls from Jamie Beckworth for Windsor Smith in Century

natural grey tones

Shiplap walls but with a more modern touch

3. METALLIC DETAILS - accents as well as upholstery
rose gold, copper, gold

Amazing upholstered chair from Jamie Drake at Theodore Alexander

Bridget Beari Papers even had a shout out in this category as Century used our Chika wallpaper in Bastille Brass for their display

Metal Fretwork on this Century cabinet - mixing metals and tones 

4. RIBS AND PLEATS - texture and pattern

Henredon bench with bold ribs 

Windsor Smith for Century - pleated back of her sofa

These are a few of the new trends I saw at market and you will begin to see in Magazines and furniture stores. If you like them start incorporating these styles into your own home! 

Happy Designing ......

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