Friday, February 17, 2017

What is Bridget Beari Dreaming About...Copper Tubs!

                     8 of the Best Copper Tubs!

There is nothing better than a luxurious bathroom. It doesn't need to be large just inviting and relaxing. I love designing bathrooms and I have been researching copper tubs for a new project renovation. There are so many choices that I have narrowed now my search to my top 8.

Here is a beautiful project from Mexico - rustic but classic!

photo from the New York Times

I love the different shapes, outside and inside materials, and especially the blacken one. All are available on the www.signature site less the first one from Waterworks. Any of the top 8 will be a stunning choice for this renovation. Check back to see the before and after come together! 

Happy Designing! 

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